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The Pampa
Mónica Hoss de le Comte


The book describes the history of the conquest of the Pampa, the struggle against the Indians, its inhabitants and their their homes and how the plain was eventually transformed into one of the world´s most important supplier of food.
The whole book is lavishly illustrated with pictures of Argentine and foreign painters who discoered the beauty of an endess horizon.


Editorial Maizal Ediciones
Pages 128
Sizes 17 × 12 cm
ISBN 9789879479421


  • The conquerors
  • Vaquerías
  • The Indians
  • Nature
  • Wheat Cultivation
  • Animals
  • Asado and Mate
  • The  Gaucho
  • The Houses
  • Travelling in the Pampa
  • Games in the Pampa
  • Superstition in the Pampa
  • The Windmills
  • Climate
  • The Painters in the Pampa

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