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Pasiones Argentinas
Sophie le Comte


Argentine people are passionate, not only for tango and barbecues but also for football, Mafalda, polo, races, religion, Borges, rugby. The splendid photographs in this book show all our national passions.


Editorial Maizal Ediciones
Pages 168
Sizes 16 × 16 cm
Cover Paperback, full color
Inside Colour
ISBN 9789879479483


  • Pasiones gastronómicas
    Gastronomic Passions
    Gastronomische Leidenschaften 
    Passions gastronomiques
    Paixões gastronómicas
  • Pasiones culturales
    Cultural Passions
    Kulturelle Leidenschaften
    Passions culturelles
    Paixões culturais
  • Pasiones deportivas
    Sports passions
  • Sportliche Leidenschaften
    Passions sportives
    Paixões esportivas
  • Pasiones religiosas
    Religious Passions
    Religiöse Leidenschaften
    Passions religieuses
    Paixões religiosas
  • Cultos populares
    Popular Cults
    Volkstümliche Kulte
    Cultes populaires
    Cultos populares
  • Pasiones turísticas
    Touristic Passions
    Touristische Leidenschaften
    Passions touristiques
    Paixões turísticas

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