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Ischigualasto, Valley of the Moon - Talampaya
Ossian Lindholm, Ana Inés Figueroa Alexander


The beauty of the Waterfalls of Iguazú and the imposing ruins of the Jesuit reductions, included in the list of World Heritage sites, are shown in this book with extraordinary photographs, maps and detailed descriptions of its flora, fauna and geography.


Editorial Maizal Ediciones
Pages 64
Sizes 17 × 23.5 cm
Cover Paperback, full color
Inside Colour
ISBN 9879479319


  • A window into the past
  • World Heritage Site 
  • Geological Time
  • Understanding Triassic Geology 
  • Geology of the Ischigualasto Talampaya Basin
  • Dawn of dinosaurs
  • Fossils in the Ischigualasto Talampaya Basin
  • Vegetation 
  • Animals
  • Ischigualasto Provincial Park, Moon Valley
  • Talampaya National Park –  La Rioja
  • Paleonthology Glossary
  • Bibliography     

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