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Argentine Wines
Raúl Riba D´Ave


This ilustrated book, is about the history, the principal grape varieties, the regions and the production of wine in Argentina. It also includes a selection of the best argentine wines. New revised edition.


Editorial Maizal Ediciones
Pages 128
Sizes 17.5 × 11.5 cm
Cover Hard cover, full colour
Inside Colour
ISBN 9879479041


  • The History of Wine in Argentin
  • Argentine Wine in the World
  • Varietal Wines versus Blended Wines
  • Grape Varieties in Argentina - Predominant Red Grape Varieties in Argentina
  • Predominant White Grape Varieties in Argentina
  • What is the Clone of a Vine?
  • The Wine Areas
  • Wine Production
  • Stages in Wine Production
  • The Production of Sparkling Wine
  • Brut or Demi-Sec? Which One Should be Chosen?
  • “Champagne” in Argentina 
  • Serving Sparkling Wines
  • The Wine Life Cycle
  • The Three Main Defects of Wine
  • The Storing of Wine
  • The Cork Oak
  • What Happens in the Bottle While the Wine Ages?
  • Change of Colour
  • Wine and Wood
  • Oak Barrel Maturation
  • Large Oak Cask Maturation
  • Maturation in Stainless Steel or Concrete Tanks
  • Label Interpretation
  • Big Bottle Sizes
  • Flavours that can be Distinguished
  • The Glasses
  • Glasses and Flavours
  • The Glass and the Sight
  • Glasses and Aromas
  • Cleaning Crystal Glasses
  • Corkscrew
  • Capsule Cutter
  • Thermometer
  • The Drop Stop
  • The Decanter
  • Decantation and Montchenot
  • The Pliers
  • The Home Wine Cellar
  • Where Should you Store your Wine?
  • Food, Wine and Friends
  • Food and Argentine Wines
  • The Four Phases of Wine Tasting
  • Aromas of the Main Varietals
  • Glossary

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