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María de los Angeles
Virginia Carreño, Constanza de Menezes


María de los Ángeles is a novel about the life of an Argentine young lady in San Juan ­a Province in the west of Argentina­ who decides to marry a Spanish prisoner and thus giving him his freedom, a common practice after the Wars of Independence.

Virginia Carreño and Constanza de Menezes decided to write this true story about a woman who loved and lived more than a hundred years ago. Old papers were studied and the truth about the life of María de los Ánfeles was told as it really hapened: a love story in the turbulent life of San juan at the time of Salvador María del Carril.


Editorial Le Comte Editores
Pages 165
Sizes 22 × 15 cm
Cover Paperback, full color
Inside Colour
ISBN 9789873359521

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