Maizal Ediciones

Carruajes en la Argentina
Luis María Loza


This book is about carriages found in Argentine collections with a careful description of all carriages used in Argentina. Many of them were made in Argentina, others were imported from Europe and the United States.

The first part of the book describes the primitive carriages that were used in colonial times withmany quotations taken from books written by English, German and French travelers.

The last part is devoted to exhibitions and the way carriages are harnessed.


Editorial Maizal Ediciones
Pages 216
Sizes 23 × 25.5 cm
Cover Hard cover, full colour
Inside Colour
ISBN 9789879479513


Se describen en el libro los siguientes carros y carruajes: Litera, carreta, Galera, Berlina, Carroza, Roof-seat ómnibus, Stanhope Gig, Tilbury, Jaunting car, Cabriolet, Dog cart de dos ruedas, sulky, Cocking cart, Curricle, Charrette, Amansadora, Skeleton buggy, Ralli car, Break de pescante alto, Skeleton break, Break wagonette o de estancia, Body break, break wagonette grande, Londsdale break, Break de chasse, Break dog cart, Break ómnibus, Roof-seat break, Mail break, Americana ,Volanta, Phaeton, Phaeton liviano, Mail phaeton, Spider phaeton, Doble phaeton, Petit-duc, Sociable, Vis à vis, Vis à vis pony phaeton, Surrey, Char-à-banc, Dog cart de cuatro ruedas, Rockaway, Buggy, Tonneau, Canastos, Trap, Coupé, Coupé d’Orsay, Brougham, Landaulet o landolet, Landau, Landau de cinco cristales, Five glass landau, Landau de viaje, Hansom cab, Victoria y Mylord, Barouche, Calèche, Carretela, Park drag, Cochecitos para niños, Los coches fúnebres, Carro de estacas, Carro tropero, Carruaje de colono, chata o carro grande.

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