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Buenos Aires Virreynal
Manuel Mujica Lainez


Mariquita Sánchez de Velazco was born in 1786 when Argentina was still in Spanish hands and died when in the suburbs of Buenos Aires they were mixing different dances that eventually gave birth to tango. 82 years of intense Argentine history.

These memories were written by a privileged witness and they cover the era of the Viceroyalty up to the English Invasions.

This edition also includes the text of a lecture on Madame de Mendeville given by Manuel Mujica Lainez in 1952. It is the intelligent and poetic description of the rebellious, stubborn, frank and refined Mariquita in her home in Buenos Aires and in the landscape of her house in San Isidro.


Editorial Maizal Ediciones
Pages 70
Sizes 22 × 15 cm
Cover Paperback, full color
Inside Colour
ISBN 9789879479940

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