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Palmeras - Palm Trees - Les palmiers - Palmen
Eric le Comte


The forty palm trees designed by De Pannemaker form a collection of excellence.
Some, because of the beauty of their bearing, the ease with which they are cultivated and the vigour of their development, enjoy a well deserved popularity; others, rarer, of a more difficult process of cultivation and a more delicate complexion, ask for special care and the protection of wet and warm greenhouses.


Editorial Maizal Ediciones
Pages 92
Sizes 22 × 15 cm
Cover Paperback, full color
Inside Colour
ISBN 9789879479605


  • Palmeras
  • Palms
  • Palmen
  • Palmieres
  • Acanthophoenix crinita
  • Acanthorhiza aculeata
  • Areca baueri
  • Areca monostachya
  • Astrocaryum murumuru 
  • Brahea dulcis
  • Calamus asperrimus
  • Calamus lewisianus
  • Calyptrogyne ghiesbreghtii
  • Caryota soblifera
  • Ceroxylon andicola
  • Chamaedorea elegans
  • Chamaedorea graminifolia
  • Cocos weddeliana
  • Euterpe edulis
  • Geonoma gracilis
  • Hyophorbe amaricaulis
  • Hyophorbe indica
  • Hyophorbe verschaffelti
  • Jubaea spectabilis
  • Kentia Grisebachia belmoreana
  • Kentia canterburyana
  • Kentia divaricata
  • Kentia forsteriana
  • Kentia macrocarpa 
  • Kentia sapida
  • Licuala spinosa 
  • Livistona altissima
  • Livistona australis
  • Livistona chinensis
  • Livistona hoogendorpii
  • Martinezia lindeniana
  • Phoenicophorium sechellarum
  • Phoenix reclinata 
  • Pritchardia pacifica
  • Rhapis flabelliformis
  • Sabal blackburniana
  • Thrinax barbadensis
  • Trachycarpus Chamoerops fortunei
  • Tritherinax brasiliensis 


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